Premium Seafood Supplier

Located in Georgia’s south west, at the slops of ancient Petra, Petra Fish is the first and only fishery at the coast of mysterious Black Sea that supplies the artisan fish from Georgia.

We process premium quality fish caught with our own kaïki boats (traditional Greek fishing boats) and sourced directly from small fishing boats in Greece and Georgia.

The Black Sea

A mystery of all times.

The Black Sea (FAO 37.4.2.) is home to a great variety of marine communities and species.

The Black Sea has the richest fresh water balance that results to unique environment with lower salinity throughout the sea at around 22%, which make the fish from Black Sea fatter, larger, and sweeter.


The Aegean Sea

A cleanest waters in all greater Mediterranean region.

Greek coast is washed mainly by Aegean Sea, the fish species diversity is almost identical to Greater Mediterranean. Aegean Sea has higher salinity than Black Sea and reaches 33%. 

The fresh water discharge from major rivers draining southeastern Europe, and Black Sea surface water outflow to Aegean Sea.   

The main fish are mullet and sea breams, which is represented here in several varieties. Waters of Aegean Sea are recognised as cleanest in whole Mediterranean